If you bought a smartphone in 2011 and didn’t purchase a PC, you were in the majority. For the first time ever total smartphone sales around the world exceeded PCs. Smartphones now account for 15% of Web traffic in the US. If you aren’t taking advantage of this trend with a mobile-friendly version of your website, your competitors may be.

Designing for the mobile world has different challenges than for desktops and laptops. Not only must we cater for different operating systems, screen sizes and resolutions, but also different shapes. There is no mouse on a mobile phone—only an up-down feature—so you can’t create a design that requires lateral movement and expect users to be able to navigate it successfully. Finally, traditional website visitors are most likely sitting at a desk facing a large monitor that has a decent resolution with a reasonable connection speed. Visitors who are browsing your mobile site are unlikely to be in the same circumstances regardless of the quality of their browser—they might be traveling or in a hurry while also having a slower data connection. All of this means that mobile websites must be clean, easily loaded and intuitive. And content should be short…

How can we help?

We can help you tap into the growing mobile market with a mobile version of your website:
1. Defining the strategy for your mobile site – what are the key things a mobile user might want to do? How can you support functionality such as log ins and downloads for mobile users?
2. Developing the site architecture and navigation.
3. Creating the content and copy for the site.
4. Testing with different operating systems, such as Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.