Creating a website for the purpose of selling products or services online entails a large amount of research and planning. When you start an online business, neglecting one simple step can make the difference between success and failure. Knowing your business model is the most important detail in understanding how to choose the right
solution for your business.

“Usability” is a popular term among Web designers because it is the key to earning the sale in an ecommerce website. Usability is more than just the “look and feel.” Although it’s important for your visitors to feel that your online store is professional, you should note that the ideal ecommerce website design is very different from a standard website design. While a standard website may have a variety of purposes, including providing information or encouraging visitors to contact you, the primary goal of an ecommerce site is to get your visitor to move through the purchase flow as quickly and easily as possible, while maximizing the opportunities for them to purchase your products. For this reason, usability is the most important aspect of your ecommerce website design.

Marketing an ecommerce website is also different to marketing a standard website. Many ecommerce sites make the mistake of not including enough unique and informative content about the products or services for sale, and also focus too broadly on search terms. Having worked with many ecommerce websites, we can help you avoid these pitfalls and help your website move up in search engine results.

How can we help? We can help you every step of the way in ensuring that your ecommerce website is a success:

1. Creating a business and marketing plan
2. Choosing a good domain name to help customers find you
3. Selecingt the right ecommerce software with a built-in shopping cart
4. Designing your website to be user-friendly
5. Applying for a merchant account for processing credit cards
6. Securing your website to let customers know it is safe to do business with you
7. Testing your website and the online checkout experience
8. Promoting your website with online marketing

Call or contact us to discuss how to start an ecommerce website, or to optimize the one you have today.