Tip for Domain Name Registrars – A Floating Domain Search Box Could Increase Your Registrations!

Floating Search BoxWe recently came across some articles about the success American Bridal had in increasing conversions on their website using a floating search box. You

can see how the floating search box works on American Bridal’s website. When visitors arrive on the homepage, they see the search

h box near the top of the screen. As shoppers click through to different pages and scroll down, the search box remains at the top of the page and scrolls down with them. American Bridal also includes discounts and offers to encourage conversion.

After they implemented the new search box using Javascript, American Bridal claims that revenue per visit increased 34%, average order value jumped 24% and conversion rates for pages shopped via site search increased 8.75%.

Search box users on your website are likely responsible for a proportionally larger share of domain registrations. So it follows that if you can increase the number of visitors to your website who use the domain search box, registrations should increase too. The floating search box is a relatively new concept, so consider testing out this technique on the domain search box on your site, and let us know if it works!