There is little doubt that what’s good for Search Engine Optimization is good for humans and vice versa. If your website has fast load times, clean navigation, and interesting and accurate content, you will attract people and search engines. In fact, giving your website good bones is the most fundamentally important thing you can do to improve your success online. There is really no point in investing time or money in marketing and advertising online, if your website fails to persuade visitors to do the thing you bought them there for.

As part of our recommendations we’ll look at:

  1. Website usability
  2. URL structure
  3. Internal and external links
  4. SEO tags
  5. Content
  6. Keyword density
  7. And website usability some more!

As part of reviewing your content we’ll provide individual On-site SEO recommendations for each page of your website. Since the search engines rank individual pages in the search results pages and not websites as a whole, it is important to treat each page of your website as a potential landing page. While your homepage may receive the most amount of traffic overall, individual service or product pages may target more specific keywords that can generate a higher conversion rate for your site.

If you’d like more information, complete our free SEO Analysis Report form. We’ll review your site and send you an overall assessment.