Off-site SEO involves acquiring links to your website from other websites on the Internet. These links are referred to as “backlinks”.  Backlinks that come from websites with high authority or “Page Rank” can help your website build authority. Backlinks that come from bad neighborhoods or link farms can bring you a world of hurt.Google PageRank

There are many ways you can obtain good backlinks, for example, by guest blogging, or posting on other people’s websites. But the best way is by creating useful and engaging content on your website that other people organically want to link to. This is where on-site optimization and off-site optimization can work together harmoniously.

The link building components of an SEO campaign shouldn’t occur in a vacuum. They should be complimenting a larger and more holistic approach to SEO.  We don’t rush into link building without a clear strategy, and we know it isn’t purely a numbers game. Relevance and quality really do matter – once you have bad links, it’s really hard to remove them. Whether acquiring links through blogging, video distribution, whitepapers, press releases, or distributing articles, the focus on the end user and the value that the content we create offers them. Talk to us about how we can help.