Nine Ideas for an Online Press Release

Think you have no newsworthy announcements?Online Press Release

‘Nothing worthy of an online press release? You may have more marketing opportunities than you realize!

Many business owners lose valuable opportunities to spotlight their businesses because they fail to recognize newsworthy announcements. Learn how thinking small can mean big results for your online marketing campaign. You can generate impressive public relations rewards through online press release marketing by revising your view of what is newsworthy: news doesn’t have to be brand new – it only has to be new to the online audience.

Renovation, relocation and expansion announcements are ideal for bringing fresh awareness to established businesses. Likewise, spotlighting employee recognitions – either within the company or from an industry organization – serves to remind readers of a business‟ quality service. While every press release is unique, the topics below may help spur creative ways to improve your next online press release:

1. You’re invited to help us celebrate.
Celebrating a hallmark anniversary or recognizing a special employee are definitely occasions for releasing news to potential buyers, especially when doing so helps you throw the spotlight on the unique story of your company success.

2. “New” is always news.
Have you added some new items to your product line? Are you in the process of building up a whole new inventory? Maybe you have a new or “undiscovered” product or service. Or, you may have forged a new partnership or would like to announce landing a big client. If it‟s new and it shines a positive light on your business, it can be used in a press release.

3. We’re having a sale!
Announce a monthly promotion or a special sale built around a holiday. Something to note should you choose to accept this mission: Since promotions are “time sensitive,” get started as soon as possible and have your press release ready to go so you can time it right, publishing your announcement just as the big sale is getting underway.

4. We are part of your community.
Even in an age of increased global reach – being part of your local community is critically important to your business. Get active in local or regional events that you care about and understand the issues that touch close to home. You‟ll find that by bringing attention to local issues – many that also affect other communities — your audience may grow exponentially.

5. We won/our client succeeded/we’re even smarter now.
Announce a recent industry or employee award, professional or technical certification that makes you more competitive, or even the success of a client. Anything that will build customer confidence is news.

6. The results are in!
Publishing the results of a survey or quiz is another simple but effective press release. These days it’s easy to set up an online survey for free at sites like

7. Join us in supporting this worthwhile cause.
You can inspire others in your industry or other companies in your region to donate to a worthwhile cause. Lead by example. Then announce your philanthropic activities with a press release. It‟s good for others and good for business.

8. We’re new in town
Let‟s say you‟re new to the online market or you‟ve only recently moved to a new website with a new domain name: An online press release is a natural “next step” in marketing your new place. An analogy might be: “Change of Address” is to U.S. Postal Service as “Online Press Release” is to a new website. Or your brick and mortar store has moved. You‟ve recently expanded your sales territory or added a new location to better serve your customers. These are worthwhile press release announcements that show that your company is growing and worth looking into.

9. We have a unique insight into a particular industry or topic.
Share your knowledge and expertise in order to show why someone should trust your business. As a subject matter expert, the reputation and credibility of your business is instantly enhanced.

Remember, a press release doesn’t need to be all things to everyone. While an online announcement will publish to a much wider audience than print or local broadcast media, small business owners should not overlook the importance of appealing to readers in their own neighborhood. Thinking local and focusing on what‟s pertinent to potential customers ensures that relevant news ideas will come more easily – allowing you to make the most of your online marketing campaigns.