Local Search Visibility brochureOffline marketing is the opposite of online marketing. Online marketing is marketing/ advertising done over the internet. Offline marketing includes the traditional methods of marketing such as radio/television/ newspaper/ magazine adverts, brochures, posters, trade shows.

And while there’s still value in well thought out offline marketing, it is especially compelling when integrated into a strategy that encompasses both online and offline initiatives. Examples of this technique can be very simple, for example:telemarketing etc. Even online businesses can benefit from offline marketing.

  • Print coupon codes or QR codes on your business cards. Also, make sure that your business cards always include your website address and social media information.
  • Print posters with QR codes. QR codes, though, now allow passersby to scan your poster and visit your website immediately, making posters a much more valuable marketing tool for online businesses
  • Mail out postcards to a targeted mailing list. Postcard printing campaigns have one of the highest ROI (Return on Investment) when compared to other print marketing media, if done right.

We can help you create campaigns that work hard and extend the channels you can use to reach potential clients.