There are many ways to conduct meaningful research about your customers.Survey

Our area of expertise is developing insightful and actionable research exercises for technology companies. We specialize¬†in in-depth, one-on-one face to face or telephone interviews that have an outline but aren’t scripted. While scripted interviews can provide useful information in many cases, we’ve found that often what’s on your customer’s mind isn’t even on your radar. And some of the most useful information comes from simply having a conversation with them. So when we design a research program, it’s grounded in a thorough understanding of your business, so we can talk to your customers in a way they understand.

We also undertake larger studies using online survey tools, to compliment and validate person-to-person findings.

While every client is different, our typical deliverables include:

  • A research brief
  • A summary of talking point/ questions
  • A transcript of each interview
  • A report, summarizing key areas of satisfaction, plus areas for improvement and innovation
  • Quantitative analysis if the sample size is large enough.

We’ve undertaken this type of research into complex subjects for associations, internet service providers and Software as a Service providers, to name a few. If you need thoughtful and actionable insights from C-level and down, contact us for an exploratory discussion.