The Importance of a Logo

Logos are important. Despite their obvious importance, they can sometimes receive less attention than they deserve during the design process. However, with the resources available to us, there is simply no excuse for this! So, if you are looking at your logo, thinking that maybe it could use a touch up, here are our key tips to ensuring that your logo is both attractive and effective.

It is important to remember that your logo represents what you do and why you are different from others. So, it is essential that we create a logo that meets both of these needs. Finding the right company to help design your logo will go a long way with both of these task. Personally, we recommend Logo Garden for this process because it is intuitive, highly customizable, and won’t place a massive strain on your budget, especially with their FREE logo design program!

We are a small business and understand understand the difficulties that you face trying to compete in a very competitive atmosphere. Your logo can help you to stand out from the crowd. However, it is not important only to have a logo, but it must be a logo that people can learn to recognize through increased presence and visibility in your community. To make this happen, you need to utilize your logo in whatever opportunities you can. Logo Garden can help here also as they provide a way to print your new logo on a variety of objects and have them shipped wherever they need to go.

When you are designing a logo, you should focus on what image (and message) you want to convey to your audience. For example, we have designed a few possible logos of our own. What do you think when you see these?



logo with bullseye

coventree logo





These ¬†were all made at in less than 5 minutes! And…. you can use their website builder to create a matching website!






These logos were easy to design and available for us to utilize in many different forms. Which one do you like better?