Blue Andalusian LogoGood graphic design is a journey and an exploration of ideas. Different designers will have different approaches to a concept, so we work with a number of freelance designers who specialize in different styles and mediums. For example, for a logo we might work with a designer who is good at creating clean designs with lots of white space or a designer who is better at more intricate, complex designs. For a PowerPoint template design, we would work with a professional designer specializing in that area. For international materials, we choose a designer who has experience is creating designs that can be easily customized for different markets.


When we deliver your design we will do so in the correct formats for the medium. For example, for a logo file, we’ll deliver formats for the web and print, and in color, black and white and white with a clear background, to give you as many options as possible. Our pricing plans are structured to give you options – so for example, with a logo design project, we’ll offer you the choice of two concepts, or three, and then work with you to refine the concept until you are happy with it.