Everyone has a Mission. Everyone can have a .ORG Domain Name.

Years ago, the thought of registering a .ORG domain name rested solely on the minds of non-profit organizations.

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Today, that same thought has crossed many minds wondering: Am I allowed to register a .ORG domain? Would my organization benefit from having a .ORG domain? Would a .ORG domain convey something different than my other domain does?

More than 10 million .ORG domain names are registered today. Clearly, the answer to all of those questions above is YES.

Let’s take a look at some types of organizations that may benefit from using a .ORG domain. We’ll answer three basic questions: Who would visit? Why would they visit? What will they take away from their visit?

1. Associations:
Associations help get the word out about a myriad of causes. A .ORG provides a platform for that cause. Give your supporters information, tell them how they can help and provide an easy way for them to make a donation. Convey responsibility and trust with your .ORG so every visitor leaves confident in the support they give your cause.

2. Sports and Teams:
As they have for many years, sports play a big role in communities. Players, coaches and friends need information – whether it’s about joining a team, coaching one or attending a sporting event. A .ORG creates a community in which to deliver that information. Give your visitors access to game schedules, updates, rosters and much more. Make it a place where visitors can get involved – and your team can stand out in the community.

3. Corporate Philanthropy:
Employees, media, investors, non-profit organizations and many others may visit a corporation’s .ORG website. Interest in the philanthropic side of businesses has grown significantly over the past few years. It has become a critical part of the decision-making process whether to accept a job, invest in a company and much more. Tell visitors about the activities your company is involved with to help the community in which it resides. Let them leave knowing you’re not all business; you’re good business.

4. Medical
Every day, patients, family members, friends and other medical professionals visit medical .ORG websites. Why? They are looking for trusted information and, at other times, giving confidential information. Maybe they are researching a physician, a disease or looking for testimonials. Maybe they are filling out paperwork for an upcoming visit. Whatever the reason for the visit, they’ll leave with confidence in the information they received on your .ORG site and trust to move forward.

5. Non-Profit Organizations 
People who want to help, who want to make a difference in the world, visit non-profit organizations. Give them a place to learn about volunteering, help raise money or show general support on a .ORG site. Let them know you’re making a difference and leave your site knowing their support counts.

Again, to answer those simple questions…

Am I allowed to register a .ORG domain name? Yes. If you have a voice, a cause, information, a goal, a brand, you should have a .ORG.

Would my organization benefit from having a .ORG domain name? Yes. It immediately tells people your organization is doing good things and you have the information to back it up.

Would a .ORG domain name convey something different than my other domain does? Yes. It conveys trust, responsibility and awareness.

Get your .ORG today for all of the good you want to do.