Best Practices for Email Marketing

Goose Creek Music EmailWe wanted to share some information about email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to drive business, but before anyone can find out what you have to offer,  they need to see your email and open it. Make sure that happens with these helpful subject line hints:

1. Keep your subject line to a maximum of 60 characters (including spaces). This will help ensure most of it is viewable to the recipient and help keep their attention.

2. Always include a call to action in the subject line. It can be as simple as “Get Started”, “Learn More” or “Save Now”. Give them something to do, not read. For example: “.ORG Domains Are on Sale” is a simple statement, however, “.ORG Domains Are on Sale: Find Yours Now” tells them what you want them to do.

3. Avoid using all capital letters. Emails containing all capitals will often get flagged as spam and never be seen by the recipient.
Congratulations… you got them to open the email. Now, let’s make sure they take the action you want them to take:

  1. Include just one call to action. Focus on your primary goal only. Avoid asking people to also sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social sites and more. It can easily distract them away from what you want them to do – register .ORG domains.
  2. Place the call to action in multiple areas of your email. Include a button or text link in the header, as well as in the body, of your email. People who are type A personalities will likely click the first button or link they see, whereas, people who need more information, such as type B personalities, will probably click a button or link in the body of the email.
  3. Pay close attention to the flow of your email. We read left to right, so make sure your email flows the same direction. Place the information they need to make a decision to the left. Follow it by your call to action on the right. It’s naturally how they will read and take action in your email.

4. Deliver your promise. The subject line got them to open your email. Be sure your email copy delivers what you told people they’d receive by opening it. Was it an offer? A free item? Something they’d learn? Whatever the promise was, make sure you deliver.

Maximize your return on your email marketing efforts with these simple fast tips, and push more business.